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Hi Michael,

Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message...

On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 09:34:44AM +0200, Michael Bienia wrote:
> > There are a couple of hitches, though.  We dual-license Resin as GPL
> > and a closed source professional (upsell) version with a bit of extra
> > code for added performance/clustering.  We'd like to distribute the
> > latter in the non-free repository (similar to flashplugin-nonfree).
> > At the moment, we don't have a package of the GPL version and I'm
> > not sure whether/when we'll be doing that.
> Is the Pro version redistributable? That's a basic requirement for
> packages in multiverse (== non-free in Ubuntu)
> Most people prefers to work on free software (and not on close source
> one), so it would be a good idea to package the GPL version too.

I checked and the Pro version is not redistributable, but of course the
GPL version is.  We'll probably just package the GPL version for
distribution in the Ubuntu repository (and hopefully to the main Debian
repository too).  For the Pro version, we'll either just post the .deb
on our site or do an installer.

> > Part of the rational is that the professional version just reverts
> > to the open source functionality if it doesn't find a license.
> > Another reason for the Pro package is that it contains some
> > platform-dependent code in C, while the pure GPL version contains
> > only Java; we wanted to remove the need for users to compile that
> > additional code.
> For which architectures is this C-code precompiled?

x86, x86_64, and possibly SPARC, IIRC.

> > What is the procedure for submitting something to the nonfree 
> > repository?  The REVU page ( 
> > that I saw doesn't seem to address this case, but I'm guessing 
> > there's some process because of Flash, et al.  Can someone point me 
> > in the right direction?
> It's the same as for packages to "universe" but don't expect that a
> multiverse package gets a high priority (and packages get currently
> reviewed very slowly already).

Hmm... ok.  Will the GPL version be eligible for universe?  Are universe
packages reviewed more quickly?

> > If I understand correctly, the flashplugin-nonfree package actually
> > downloads the plugin from Adobe.  I should note that our package
> > will include the actual binaries.
> That's no problem as long as the license of the pro version allows
> redistribution of the binaries.


Thanks for the info,


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