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Fri Aug 8 07:08:13 BST 2008

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During the MOTU meeting on Friday, August 8th, 2008, the following
points were discussed:

- - MOTU Team Elections
  * Persia's proposal  was discussed, and voted on, passing a majority
vote in favor those whose where there
     - The general points are as follows
        *  To join the team, you nomination yourself, and need two
sponsorship requests. the floor is opened to -motu for anyone to post
criticisms. Any valid criticisms that are not retracted or resolved
invalidates that member from joining the team
        * Any MOTU can request the resignation of someone on
- -sru/-release, which can be brought up on the list and discussed. If
the issues can't be resolved, the MC will have to resolve it
        * -sru/-release are five man teams who are all MOTUs. More
people can be added if needed
        * Anyone can leave the teams at any time by posting to u-motu
with their resignation
        * - Note that non-motu may comment, but their complaints may
not be honoured.

- - New Meeting System Discussion
  * ScottK summarized the new meeting system on the wiki
  * We decided to try it for another mouth and bring it up then

- - REVU Cooridination
  * It was expressed by NCommander/Michael Casadevall that there
hasn't been much love for REVU, and no REVU day in some time.
  * The possibity of a REVU coordination team was discussed.
  * It was decided that anyone interested in the position should talk
to nixternal

- - Ubuntu packages getting back into Debian
  * Concern about the amount of Ubuntu-specific packages in the
archive is growing, with less and less packages going upstream
  * persia brought up the notion of working to bring back DCT/Utunbtu
  * Talk about if Ubuntu should require maintainers for packages that
are not in Debian was brought up
  * This topic will be brought up at the next meeting.

As always, if you have any issues, comments or concerns about the
discussions or topics brought forth in the IRC meeting are always
welcome, and will be brought up at the next meeting in addition to
discussed on the list.

Michael Casadevall
Shepard for MOTU Meeting 08/08/08
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