Caucho Resin

Michael Bienia michael at
Fri Aug 8 08:34:44 BST 2008

On 2008-08-06 17:19:55 -0700, Emil Ong wrote:

> There are a couple of hitches, though.  We dual-license Resin as GPL
> and a closed source professional (upsell) version with a bit of extra
> code for added performance/clustering.  We'd like to distribute the
> latter in the non-free repository (similar to flashplugin-nonfree).
> At the moment, we don't have a package of the GPL version and I'm
> not sure whether/when we'll be doing that.

Is the Pro version redistributable? That's a basic requirement for
packages in multiverse (== non-free in Ubuntu)

Most people prefers to work on free software (and not on close source
one), so it would be a good idea to package the GPL version too.

> Part of the rational is that the professional version just reverts
> to the open source functionality if it doesn't find a license.
> Another reason for the Pro package is that it contains some
> platform-dependent code in C, while the pure GPL version contains
> only Java; we wanted to remove the need for users to compile that
> additional code.

For which architectures is this C-code precompiled?

> What is the procedure for submitting something to the nonfree 
> repository?  The REVU page ( 
> that I saw doesn't seem to address this case, but I'm guessing 
> there's some process because of Flash, et al.  Can someone point me 
> in the right direction?

It's the same as for packages to "universe" but don't expect that a
multiverse package gets a high priority (and packages get currently
reviewed very slowly already).

> If I understand correctly, the flashplugin-nonfree package actually
> downloads the plugin from Adobe.  I should note that our package
> will include the actual binaries.

That's no problem as long as the license of the pro version allows
redistribution of the binaries.


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