wesnoth revert proposal

Rob J. Caskey rcaskey at uga.edu
Thu Mar 23 03:13:49 GMT 2006

I'd like to request that wesnoth be reverted to 1.0.2-1 for dapper as
the 1.1.x series is not backwards compatible with either themselves or
any other 1.1.x release. As a result online multi-player will cease to
work a month or two after release.

1.1.1+revertedto+1.0.2 was mentioned as a possible package name

minghua also confers with this course of action, he originated a thread
last month that explored the possibility of shipping updates to keep 1.1
up to date but I think the general consensus is that is unworkable and
1.0.2 needs to be shipped instead.


Single player scenarios have not been rebalanced for the new units
either, so the single player experience is not entirely sound on 1.1.x

Reverting will likely render 1.1.x save games useless, but will work
cleanly with save games from Breezy.

--Rob Caskey

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