wesnoth revert proposal

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 23 07:53:04 GMT 2006


Am Mittwoch, den 22.03.2006, 22:13 -0500 schrieb Rob J. Caskey:
> I'd like to request that wesnoth be reverted to 1.0.2-1 for dapper as
> the 1.1.x series is not backwards compatible with either themselves or
> any other 1.1.x release. 

for the record: 1.1.1 was rejected as an Upstream Version Freeze
candidate and didn't go in. 


> As a result online multi-player will cease to
> work a month or two after release.

Interestingly enough the bug report I mentioned, simply said: "The last
version is needed to play multiplayer online."

The situation is not clear at all to me. I'd like to hear somebody of
the upstream developers on this, does anybody know anyone of them?

Have a nice day,

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