Morgue for MOTU ?

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Feb 8 20:33:47 GMT 2006

Hi Reinhard,

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 08:56, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Stephan Hermann wrote:
> > It's not about "LP will solve all problems", it's more about
> > "Infrastructure problems are Canonical/Ubuntu Foundation Problems" and
> > it's much more about "MOTU can't and won't change the infrastructure
> > problems".
> > We are volunteers and that's it.
> I don't completely agree to this point. If someone wants to work, I
> don't think that he should denied to work in this, just because
> canonical is paying launchpad developers to work on a more general
> solution. We are volunteers, so we have the freedom to choose what we
> want to work on (a freedom that employees don't have).

This I don't mean. We should make a split between "I'm doing this on my own" 
and "I'm doing this for Ubuntu". "I'm doing this for Ubuntu" means, you are 
working as employee on the Infrastructure team (regarding this special case). 
Which is here not the case, so I want to avoid, that this becomes "an 
official MOTU project with another wiki page" for the public.
If there is something which is terrible broken with the infrastructure, we 
should inform via LP the infrastructure people and ask them to fix it.



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