Morgue for MOTU ?

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Wed Feb 8 07:56:26 GMT 2006

Stephan Hermann wrote:
> It's not about "LP will solve all problems", it's more about "Infrastructure 
> problems are Canonical/Ubuntu Foundation Problems" and it's much more about 
> "MOTU can't and won't change the infrastructure problems". 
> We are volunteers and that's it.

I don't completely agree to this point. If someone wants to work, I
don't think that he should denied to work in this, just because
canonical is paying launchpad developers to work on a more general
solution. We are volunteers, so we have the freedom to choose what we
want to work on (a freedom that employees don't have).

This having said, I also see that there is no point in spending
ressources on projects, which have a high priority within launchpad as
well. In this particular case, I don't see what benefit a non-canonical
driven Morgue would have. You mentioned that you want MoM to produce
better patches. Unless Scott releases his Code for MoM (which he refused
the last time I asked him), you cannot run MoM on your own and you had
to reimplement all that on your own. I'd suggest talking to him about
his plans, and if he would accept work from the outside to improve MoM,
or the successor HCT.


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