"official" MOTU projects (was: Morgue for MOTU ?)

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Thu Feb 9 12:57:56 GMT 2006

Stephan Hermann wrote:
> I want to avoid, that this becomes "an official MOTU project with
> another wiki page" for the public.

Thats an interesting point of discussion on its own, I think. What is an
'official project'? Everything we have a wiki page for? So everyone can
start/introduce 'official projects'? Do we have a list of 'official

No, I think this reasoning is too black/whited. We are all volunteers,
and everyone should be able to do what he wants to do (including
canonical employees, perhaps in their spare time if they are too loaded
with other work). That's why I don't think we need a list of 'official
projects' which are sanctioned in any way from a MOTUMeeting or
TechnicalBoard or whatever. I think the best for MOTUs would be to have
an agenda and goals we want to acheive, which is intentionally held
fairly vague.

These thoughts lead directly to the questions "What are we MOTUs, why do
we work in the MOTU Team, where did we come from, and where do we go
tomorrow". Strange questions, but necessary, I think.

> If there is something which is terrible broken with the infrastructure, we 
> should inform via LP the infrastructure people and ask them to fix it.

Right. In general, this works faster than spending ressources on our
own. In some cases however, we did craft our own tools because someone
had fun doing it. I think this should be rather encouraged than


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