Herman Bos hbos at osso.nl
Fri Nov 18 07:35:44 CST 2005

David A. Cobb wrote:

> As things stand, installing Universe/admin/hardened-clients causes
> telnet to be uninstalled.  Sad to say, however, this breaks
> ubuntu-standard.
> Two solutions to this problem occur to me, and I'll cheerfully file
> the "bug" if that's appropriate; but I figure I should pass it by the
> community first.
> 1) The easiest (I think): Change the dependency in ubuntu-standard to
> "telnet | ssh-client". 2) The more-durable solution: Create a
> dependency package parallel to ubuntu-standard, called
> ubuntu-hardened; make it an alternative to ubuntu-standard where that
> package appears in the various "ubuntu-X" composites.
> Comment?
Why should telnet be removed? IMHO it is an allround tool with many
purposes (and remote shell is not one of them).


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