Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS is here!

Ty bluesoviet at outlook.com
Sun Apr 24 21:49:42 UTC 2016

I've just installed 16.04 after my 15.10 went sour when attempting to 
upgrade to 16.04 from personal error. Not that big of a deal as I wasn't 
expecting my 15.10 to upgrade to 16.04 anyway and anything important was 
online anyway.

Unfortunately, 16.04 has a handful of bugs/issues on my end. As soon as 
the Gnome shell started, part of my started my screen flashed a weird 
corrupt white with the shell popping up soon after.

Installation went OK. I tried doing the "reinstall 16.04" option but it 
wouldn't let me because I had two mount points pointing to the same 
place or something, so I just did a complete reinstall. I was a bit 
confused at first when it asked me if I wanted non open source software 
or not before the actual installation type. If at all possible, can that 
please be switched so that the installation type is asked first?

After install, however... well it works but, like I said, with a handful 
of bugs/issues(see attachment). If someone can give me the package name 
that I need to do a bug report I'll do it.

Special note: I didn't report many of these bugs when using my 15.10 
install because I thought it was corrupt or something and didn't want to 
waste everyone's time.

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