Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS is here!

Ty bluesoviet at outlook.com
Mon Apr 25 20:52:03 UTC 2016

On 04/24/2016 04:49 PM, Ty wrote:
> I've just installed 16.04 after my 15.10 went sour when attempting to 
> upgrade to 16.04 from personal error. Not that big of a deal as I 
> wasn't expecting my 15.10 to upgrade to 16.04 anyway and anything 
> important was online anyway.
> Unfortunately, 16.04 has a handful of bugs/issues on my end. As soon 
> as the Gnome shell started, part of my started my screen flashed a 
> weird corrupt white with the shell popping up soon after.
> Installation went OK. I tried doing the "reinstall 16.04" option but 
> it wouldn't let me because I had two mount points pointing to the same 
> place or something, so I just did a complete reinstall. I was a bit 
> confused at first when it asked me if I wanted non open source 
> software or not before the actual installation type. If at all 
> possible, can that please be switched so that the installation type is 
> asked first?
> After install, however... well it works but, like I said, with a 
> handful of bugs/issues(see attachment). If someone can give me the 
> package name that I need to do a bug report I'll do it.
> Special note: I didn't report many of these bugs when using my 15.10 
> install because I thought it was corrupt or something and didn't want 
> to waste everyone's time.

To add onto me previous list:

-Using search to open "Online Accounts" opens the preference window 
instead of the actual "Online Accounts" setting window.

-The restart prompt where it asks the user if they want to restart or 
shutdown may stop showing after clicking the power icon from the top 
left menu immediately.

-Search may loose focus when opening the overview, forcing the user to 
click on the search bar in order to search.

-HTML YouTube videos sometimes have issues in Chromium 49(From Ubuntu 
repo). Refreshing the page gives me an error but changes to the flash 
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