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Mon Apr 23 18:40:02 UTC 2007

Hi George.  I will try to answer your questions to your satisfaction.  It
sounds like switching to Ubuntu may not be the best choice for you right

1.  As far as I know, Photoshop will not run under Ubuntu.  WineHQ shows
that Photoshop CS2 is unusable with Wine at present.  You may be able to run
it in a virtual machine (such as VMWare Player, Qemu, etc), but the
performance would likely not be what you'd expect.

2.  You can play some games with Ubuntu.  You can find whether a particular
game is playable with Cedega or Wine but using the respective links below:

3.  I'm not sure where you heard that.  There may be instances where that is
quite useful.  At work, I occasionally have to use a Windows app, but I
prefer to use Ubuntu the rest of the time.  And the Windows apps aren't too
resource-intensive.  So I find the "Windows-in-a-window" solution to be a
good one.

4.  You don't need to program to use Ubuntu.  It couldn't hurt, I'm sure,
but it is certainly not necessary.  I don't code, myself, and I use Ubuntu
at home and at the office now, and rarely use Windows.

5.  I believe this works, yes, although you may have to install the
necessary components.

6.  To be honest, I'm not sure.  It looks like Starcraft is officially
supported by Cedega, and I would assume that includes network gaming.

7.  I have no idea.  Sorry.

8.  Absolutely.  I find it very easy to use FTP and BitTorrent under Linux.
There are many different clients out there - in fact, the same client you
use in Windows may also be available in Ubuntu.

9.  Hmm... another one I can't necessarily help with.  From what I
understand, the newer ATI cards CAN be problematic.  The proprietary driver
may support it better than the open source.  Someone else can probably speak
to that better than I.

10.  I found Ubuntu to be very intuitive and easy to learn.  That said, it
is different from Windows.  But not so much where it would be a problem if
you're interested in trying.  I was able to completely switch from Windows
to Ubuntu in less than a day, with the same productivity level as before
(this is at work).  Of course, that may not be the norm.

If you do give it a go, check out the Ubuntu Forums.  They have many
questions similar to yours that have already been asked, and you may find
better information than I'm able to provide.  And, as I said before, it may
not be the right time to switch to Ubuntu.  If not, make sure to check back
in 6 months or a year.  My guess is that even more progress will be made in
that time.  I tried Ubuntu 6.06 and it just didn't quite work for me.
6.10was when I switched, and I haven't looked back.  Good luck!

- Dale

On 4/22/07, Mr. AXit <axit at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope, that this is the right address to write to - this was the only one
> I found and I got tired
> after one and a half hour if search.
> I would like to ask for imformation on Ubuntu. I would like to use it on
> my computer - instead of
> good ol' Windows - but I would like to get a few thing strait before I do
> and no one cuold help me
> so far.
> I am from Hungary and yes, I tried the hungatian help topics and eaven
> sent e-mails to a guy who
> distributes the original Ubuntu CDs here in my city - for free I thik. But
> he didn't answer to my
> secound e-amil and I doubt that he will - way too mutch time has passed
> since than. And he couldn't
> eaven answer all of my questions at the first place.
> So I thought that I'll send you this mail thinking it cannot do any harm
> with it, and maybe I'll
> finaly get some answers.
> Here would be my questions:
> 1.) I use PhotoShop CS 2 on my computer, and I need Macromedia products
> too for my studies.
> Is there some way to get these work in Ubuntu?
> 2.) Can I play games under Ubuntu? Are the Wine and Cedega good for this?
> Are they easy too use?
> What about Win4Lin?
> 3.) Why is it good, to run Windows XP in a window in Linux?
> 4.) I hate/can't use programing. If I get home I don't want to use it. My
> girlfried doesn't eaven
> know what programing is! And we only have one computer at home.
> So, do I need to use codeing/programming to get things work in Uduntu or
> it is as easy as Windows?
> 5.) Can I see Flash and ShockWave content under Ubuntu in the wab browser?
> 6.) Can I play online with my friend? For example: Starcraft on Battlenet
> or via LAN.
> 7.) Can I use emulators to play Free MMORPGs which doesn't have a Linux
> version?
> 8.) Can I use bittorent and ftp under Linux? Is it as easy under Windows?
> 9.) Video cards: I read this problem topic somewhere about ATI cards.
> I have an AXI X1600 video card. Will I have a problem with it?
> 10.) AND, the most important thing is: Is Ubuntu the same easy-to-use
> operating system as Windows
> XP, just more secure and more stabel, or this saftey and stabiliy has a
> price - it is also harder
> to use and one needs help with it from more expirienced useres?
> Okay. These are the questions that I can think of so far. I hope that you
> can really help me.
> I am waiting for your ansver.
> Thank you for reading.
> George.
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