rebuilding from .pot files

Sean Wheller sean at
Wed Mar 30 11:31:53 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 13:30, Nick Loeve wrote:
> I quickly made a make target - 'make trans' that will convert po files
> in the format:
> <DocumentName>-<locale/langauge>.po
> into
> <DocumentName>-<locale/langauge>.xml
> All po files will have to end in -<locale>.po for it to work, and the
> only documents targeted are the ones for Hoary. We can add more later.
> I found a few small problems with the rebuilding, where translations
> don't match some semantics of the original, but they were easy to fix.
> The way it does it is not flawless but it will automate some parts of
> what we have to do.

Before anyone goes using these scripts I have asked trickie to look at use 
xml2pot and xml2po to do merges and diffs etc.

As described at

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