Rehashing wikis

Simon Michael simon at
Mon Mar 14 23:14:49 UTC 2005

Mary Gardiner wrote:
>  - Under the 'Documentation' heading on the front pages, just have a few
>    links to documentation categories. This is close to what's there
>    already. Provide a link to a more complete Documentation Front Page
>    (just called "Documentation"? or "DocumentationArea")

Hi Mary.. I think it's really tough to make a separate Documentation 
page work; I've tried before. You always want just one more of those 
links on the front page where people will find the darn thing, and you 
end up reproducing the whole roadmap on the front page again.

I think the front page should usually be a roadmap to everything on the 
wiki, leading to all the major content with minimal clicks. I think 
documentation is major and should be well represented right on the 
front. As food for thought, here are two front pages I've worked on 
recently: , .

> I'm not all that familiar with the current wiki software, but is there
> any place you can store draft pages? (Some people do this on their user
> pagei on some wikis.) The best way to get this kind of feedback might be
> to do a draft and solicit either feedback or more people to come in and
> change things.

Very good advice. I would just go to your home page and create 
MarysFrontPageDraft (eg) there.

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