Rehashing wikis

Mary Gardiner mary-sounder at
Mon Mar 14 22:53:58 UTC 2005

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005, Matthew East wrote:
> 2. I was saying with Simon the other day that DocumentationArea is
> pretty much a second FrontPage and they both overlap and are not really
> useful. I am happy to try and merge them and improve the structure, but
> it is such a major change of the wiki that I want some advice and
> approval/disapproval.

I agree that that's a bit weird... however, keep in mind that the wiki
does really have several distinct uses:

 1. Documentation of Ubuntu
 2. Organisation of new releases, new features and so on (see [1][2][3])
 3. Organisation of public Ubuntu events (see [4][5])

So in some ways it does make sense that the "front page" would cover all
the different uses, containing maybe some documentation highlights or
overview links, and maybe there would be a fuller Documentation Front

Note however that at the moment the Front Page says "DocumentationArea -
All pages related to the organization and writing of documentation".
This description doesn't quite meet the reality of -- it's just a big
list of documentation.

My personal preference would be:

 - Under the 'Documentation' heading on the front pages, just have a few
   links to documentation categories. This is close to what's there
   already. Provide a link to a more complete Documentation Front Page
   (just called "Documentation"? or "DocumentationArea")

 - either change DocumentationArea's description, or change
   DocumentationArea to meet that desccription.

I'm not all that familiar with the current wiki software, but is there
any place you can store draft pages? (Some people do this on their user
pagei on some wikis.) The best way to get this kind of feedback might be
to do a draft and solicit either feedback or more people to come in and
change things.



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