Rehashing wikis

Matthew East matthew.east at
Mon Mar 14 22:35:11 UTC 2005

Couple of things which I need advice on,

1. compare with This is obviously not a good
state of affairs. i checked all the diff of that page that I could, and
as far back as it goes, couldn't find the culprit who deleted this page.
Does anyone have access to a longer page history than me? Maybe revert
if possible, or otherwise we can start the tidying up exercise.

2. I was saying with Simon the other day that DocumentationArea is
pretty much a second FrontPage and they both overlap and are not really
useful. I am happy to try and merge them and improve the structure, but
it is such a major change of the wiki that I want some advice and

Thanks, please reply! ;)


On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 16:02 +0000, Matthew East wrote:
> Pruning:
> * consolidated various pages into one page: HelpOnEditing. Thus the
> following pages are obsolete and I will delete them if nobody objects:
> DocumentHowTo, HelpOnFormatting, HelpOnHeadings, HelpOnLinking,
> HelpOnLists, HelpOnTables.
> * Reparented and Linked HelpOnEditing to WikiTips, away from a userpage.
> * Link on FrontPage to DocumentHowTo changed to HelpOnEditing
> * A few references in various pages added to emphasise that preferred
> markup is MoinMoin. HelpPage is still weak on this.
> The intention of this was to render it easier for users to learn about
> the wiki and consequently contribute more. As always, please tell me if
> you disagree with any changes.

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