Matthew East matthew.east at breathe.com
Thu Mar 10 22:15:24 UTC 2005

> So in the end, if we are going to change the whole doc team process as 
> proposed, i think i will have to withdraw too. I don't have endless time 
> to devout to the project, and a lot of time is going to have to go in to 
> setting it all up and still having some documentation to show in the end.
> Nice working with you all! And good luck!

I am new here so I don't want to get too involved in a discussion that I
know not that much about, but I wanted to say one thing on this. AFAICS
the suggestions on wikis that have been made are merely suggestions.
There is no need surely to conclude that things are gonna be drastically
changing! No doubt a consensus can be reached at the meeting: don't
everyone start leaving!!

On the wiki point, i think perhaps a more conservative idea would be to
continue working on the documentation in the current format (docbook),
but I feel fairly strongly that the existing wiki needs surgery.

MoinMoin is not the greatest thing ever, it is very confusing to use,
and so far what little I've done on the wikis I've found difficult
because of random problems with question marks inserted in the middle of
numbers and difficulties with nesting the headings. Also it is quite
correct that the "parenting" scheme is very irritating indeed! It makes
for a pretty crazy structure.

That said, I am equally happy to work with what we have, and will
continue wiki-gardening as much as poss. If people see wikis that need
work, please let me know.

keep smiling :)

thanks, Matt

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