Rehashing wikis

Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Wed Mar 9 03:00:54 UTC 2005

Corey Burger wrote:
> Thus we need the following items to happen:
> 1. Get
> 2. Better wiki engine - I suggest MediaWiki
> 3. HTML to PDF converter
> 4. Buy in from the rest of you
> Corey

Hello Corey, Hello All!

We spent a lot of time during this release to get infrastructure up and 
running to support the doc team. Sean did alot of work, as did 
everybody, to get a good revision control system and build system for 

Although, at a higher level, i think it would be great to use a wiki for 
all documentation, adding revision control and build systems that can 
interact with the wiki is going to be a time consuming task.

How many on the doc team are developers that can tackle such a thing? 
Would we get any support from existing Ubuntu developers?
Will Canonical/Ubuntu Council support this idea?

I think that your ideas are great, but i don't think it should be the 
top priority for the doc team to move to using a wiki for all 
documentation (at least for this release iteration). By the time the dev 
and support is done on such a system, how much time will be spent 
actually writing documentation?

I mean if we had a few competent developers (i would be interested in 
working on the tasks) then it might not be so bad.

Any way... just my thoughts on the wiki talk on this list. Don't take 
offence, and you definately don't have to listen to me.

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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