Helping with patch review

Emmet Hikory persia at
Wed Mar 24 15:59:32 GMT 2010

Fellow Developers,
    A few weeks ago we got into a discussion of patch review whilst
discussing sponsoring.  Since then, Nigel Babu has made great strides
at organising patch review and the Ubuntu Reviewers team.  He recently
sent out a call for help to the bugsquad (1), but I know many of you,
although members of bugsquad, don't follow that list, so I wanted to
echo it here:

    We have lots of patches that need review, need to get pushed
upstream, etc. and if anyone has time to help, it would be a great
step towards fixing heaps of bugs, improving relations with upstreams
(folks like sharing more when they get patches back), etc.

    There's some docuemtnation on the current workflow on the wiki
(2), which is loosely based on Bryce's idea of stuff moving from
buckets into other buckets, but would benefit from revision once we've
all had some experiences working with the patches.

    I know you're all wildly excited about the new trimmed
sponsors-queue, and have been spending all your time sponsoring stuff,
so you have no time for patch review, but just in case you find a few
spare minutes, please join us in #ubuntu-reviews, and help process the



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