Need help with patch review

Nigel Babu nigelbabu at
Mon Mar 22 02:19:27 GMT 2010

Hello folks:

I'm aware that a lot of bug squad members look towards being more active 
with Ubuntu development.  If you have an idea about patches and 
upstreaming, and a little bit of packaging, Ubuntu Reviewers needs your 
help.  The idea is to follow the code review workflow[1] to get the 
patches merged upstream or if significant enough, into Ubuntu 
immediately.  As of me writing this (I checked again), there are 1818 
open bugs with patches attached and 6683 bugs that are Fix Released or 
Fix Committed (yaay!).

If you want to help, pop by in #ubuntu-reviews and start by looking into 
subscribed bugs [2] which numbers 218.  We've been trying to bring it 
down to less than 200, but so far, it just grows thanks to patches from 
some amazing folks.

So pop by in #ubuntu-reviews and talk to us.  A new workflow is in 
progress and you can help review that too.


Warm Regards
Nigel Babu

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