Remastered LiveCD HOGS memory

Roberto Piscitello robepisc at
Fri Nov 10 10:45:04 GMT 2006

Aniruddha Shankar <karim <at>> writes:

> Hi, all
> Have been working on a remaster of Kubuntu for the Cybermohalla media labs,
> situated in working class localities in New Delhi. Unlike the vanilla EdgyEft
> Kubuntu LiveCD, our LiveCD is only borderline usable with 512mb of memory and
> totally unusable with 256 mb.
> Are there some optimisations done to the filesystem.squashfs file to enable it
> to boot and work faster and/or with less memory required, such as the
> optimisations that have been done to KNOPPIX and accelerated KNOPPIX ?
> When KNOPPIX is booted, it automatically activates any detected swap
> partition.
> Kubuntu does not do this (by design?).

I theory {k,x,}ubuntu should mount an eventual already present swap partition.
Actually this functionality doesn't work at all, because of bug #62868
I would be happy if you could test the "solution" I described on a comment of
that bug and continue the discussion on the bugtracker.

> On a system with low memory, it asks the user whether it should create and use
> a swap file on a local partition. Can the Kubuntu/Ubuntu LiveCD do this?

No, it can't _create_ a swap partition at startup at the moment, but I think
this feature would be really useful.
Probably a spec should be written in the wiki to start a discussion, but I fear
it's too late for Fiesty.

> For more information about my remaster, please visit:
> 1.
> Subsequent Changelog
> Cheers,
> Aniruddha Shankar

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