10k open Ubuntu bugs

Jonathon Anderson janders5 at olivet.edu
Tue Apr 25 06:25:06 BST 2006

Would it be possible to implement a system of mod points where launchpad
users can "bump" bugs to higher priority with votes? I know this already
happens to some degree with dupes and comments, but if there was some
way to track how many users complained about a certain bug, it would be
easier to figure out which bugs affect the most people and thus which
should be fixed first (all else being equal).

On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 06:22 +0200, Stephan Hermann wrote:
> reports is not a good idea, a better idea is to have bug 
> reports e.g. from main packages are getting a higher priority over
> time 
> automatically. 

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