Xorg error messages are poor.

Pascal Potvin pascal.potvin at monbonheur.ca
Tue Apr 4 02:56:38 BST 2006

Maybe using the motd would be a good idea.
motd only appears when you log from a tty.

Just make sure the message gives information about how to reconfigure
xorg, how to restart gdm, and how to get some basic help about ubuntu.

I think that would be an easy way of making sure that everyone can
correct their... GUI related problems.

At this moment, the motd tells about the libre copyright, the "no
warranty at all" of ubuntu, and that's all.

IMO, the copyleft should be given at ubuntu setup, as for the "no
warranty at all" disclaimer. That leaves us just the space we need to
give some information to the new user, who wasn't able to make X run.

Pascal Potvin

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