Xorg error messages are poor.

Sandis Neilands sandisn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 06:47:11 BST 2006


On 4/4/06, Pascal Potvin <pascal.potvin at monbonheur.ca> wrote:
> Maybe using the motd would be a good idea.
> motd only appears when you log from a tty.
> Just make sure the message gives information about how to reconfigure
> xorg, how to restart gdm, and how to get some basic help about ubuntu.
> I think that would be an easy way of making sure that everyone can
> correct their... GUI related problems.

It shouldn't concentrate on gui related problems. It should say that
for help you should type info <something> which would contain short
intro and few links to info pages dealing with gdm and xorg problems,
command line apps (text editors, browsers, irc clients, etc.), help in
general (/usr/share/doc/*), etc.

Assumption that everybody have/want gui is wrong.

> At this moment, the motd tells about the libre copyright, the "no
> warranty at all" of ubuntu, and that's all.
> IMO, the copyleft should be given at ubuntu setup, as for the "no
> warranty at all" disclaimer.

Agree with you here.

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