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Nikita veshchikov.nikita at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 11:33:33 UTC 2015

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a couple of week ago I received my Ubuntu phone, I've been using it
since and I must say I am pretty happy
with it. I would like to give you some feedback with my comments that
you might be interested in
and that I hope would be helpful in the further software development.

 - Keyboard

First of all, one thing that I would really find very helpful is a
language indicator for a keyboard.
I frequently use 3 languages and two of them use Latin alphabet, but I
can not use the same keyboard with both
(because a keyboard is also linked to the auto-correction /
spell-checker), so here is the problem:
when I want to write a new message and I see a Latin keyboard I do not
know which language it is..
in order to find out which one it is I have to press on the language
choice button and check whether it is the one I need.
It would be nice to have a current language indicator on the keyboard.
It might be placed on the space button
or the language abbreviation might just replace the icon on the keyboard
layout button (now it's a small circle with a couple of lines).

- - Contact search / messaging

I've noticed something weird (I am not sure if it should be in a bug report)
in the feature that shows me contacts when I want to write an sms.
When I start typing a name of the contact that I want to send an sms to
it works fine
(i.e. shows suggestions with similar names) only for contacts with Latin
If a name of a contact is written in a different language (character
set, Cyrilic in my case)
the contact does not appear in the short list of suggestions and I can
not just click on it
(like in case of a contact who's name is written in Latin alphabet), so
the only way of choosing it is to scroll down through all contacts.

So, here it is, those are the things that I would really like to see
improved in following updates.
Anyway, thanks a lot for this beautiful piece of software :-)

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