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Sat Apr 30 03:17:19 UTC 2011

On 04/29/11 23:11, Deric Stowell wrote:
> My system keeps halting. I guess i completely forgot that i did a PPA 
> upgrade. now it all makes sense.

Yeah, Ubuntu has a habit of playing the same market game as everyone 
else (ship an incomplete i.e. broken product, release patches); but same 
rules apply regardless:  first question is what did you do, and after 
that you can blame the product for being crap.

> Thanks!!
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> On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 7:42 PM, John Moser <john.r.moser at 
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>     On 04/29/11 22:33, Martin Owens wrote:
>         On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 21:11 -0400, John Moser wrote:
>             The Gnome developers are also upset at Canonical.  No idea
>             why.
>         It's because Canonical only ate their ice cream cone and
>         wouldn't eat
>         their ice cream. I remember when Gnome developers* built a
>         rocket and
>         visited the moon, brought back a whole ton of cheese.
>         I tell you one thing that'll stop people using Unity... if it
>         doesn't
>         actually work. Hardware issues are a lot more pressing that design
>         issues, especially now that the design is much more demanding
>         on the
>         hardware.
>     Maybe, although there's a lot of press going on about this.
>      People have been critical about Ubuntu doing things they didn't
>     like before, though, and eventually they just eat it.
>     Significantly this time, I've found several issues that make me
>     worry that Ubuntu might get away with squashing Gnome-shell:
>      - I've played with both back and forth now for a while, and
>     Gnome-Shell is clearly better; people on-line are telling me the
>     same thing.  Still, both are leaving me confused as to where a lot
>     of settings went (mostly, the appearance-related theming stuff; is
>     everything now going to be dark colors and blues like some cheap
>     sci-fi flick?), and both have a learning curve.  Unity seems to
>     have no distinction between running applications and applications
>     you can run, which ... honestly just makes me want to find the
>     smart phone company that the Ubuntu Developers are working for now
>     and burn it down with them in it.  Abstracting away the concept of
>     whether an application is already running or not is horrible.
>      - Installing Gnome3 from the PPA really does completely hose the
>     system; after that, Unity and Gnome-classic break, only
>     Gnome-shell works, and Gnome-shell doesn't work with my ATi card
>     (it skews the contents of windows diagonally, ad uselessness).
>      Imagine that, I ignored the warnings and something bad happened.
>     Like I said, Ubuntu is Microsofting gnome-shell.  They're using
>     their market clout to squash a product that's better than theirs.
>      I'm waiting to see Canonical try to absorb the GNOME team.
>         Also I don't like that I can't write anything in python that
>         looks like
>         Unity, I have to write it all in C and talk directly to
>         OpenGL, which is
>         messy. If I tried to use Gnome3 then I'd end up having to write in
>         javascript, which I hate for no apparent reason.
>         Oh woe! Won't someone let me write cool stuff in python?
>         Yours with hugs and kisses, Martin Owens
>         * That ever fictitious collective aggregate.
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