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On Saturday 30 April 2011 08:47 AM, John Moser wrote:
> On 04/29/11 23:11, Deric Stowell wrote:
>> My system keeps halting. I guess i completely forgot that i did a PPA
>> upgrade. now it all makes sense.
> Yeah, Ubuntu has a habit of playing the same market game as everyone
> else (ship an incomplete i.e. broken product, release patches); but same
> rules apply regardless:  first question is what did you do, and after
> that you can blame the product for being crap.

FYI the full GNOME3 stack is in the PPA. I've been using it a lot, and
have also helped other users with problems related to it. Its very much
stable, and my system never halted. Probably if you elaborated on your
problems rather than pointlessly bashed away at Canonical, I'd have
helped you. All I can do now is to point you out to [1].

Speaking of the GNOME/Canonical split over GNOME Shell, it was because
Canonical had envisaged a proper vision for Ubuntu, and GNOME Shell was
something which was just the way Canonical *didn't* want Ubuntu to
become. Hence the split.

From many experiences with my family members, I've found out that casual
Windows users and other non-techy users highly prefer Unity. Its easy to
use, faster, and doesn't come in the way. Such users are confused by the
look of GNOME Shell (My lappy was running Fedora when my sister was
using it). Ubuntu aims at non-techy former Windows and Mac users. Would
GNOME Shell suit such a scenario? Probably not.

If you want to use GNOME Shell on Ubuntu, then I'd recommend you to 1)
use the PPA or 2) wait until Ubuntu 11.10 comes out, then GNOME3 will be
officially supported to run on Ubuntu.

Why GNOME3 didn't make it to 11.04 is a different story. There are a
handful of Ubuntu Desktop developers who had to focus on Unity work. It
would be difficult for Unity to be made on then-unstable GNOME3
libraries and it would have been equally difficult for Desktop
developers to focus on both unity and GNOME3. Hence the decision was
made, to put up GNOME3 packages in a PPA for testers and ship Unity on
top of GNOME2. The GNOME3 transitions were postponed to 11.10, when all
GNOME3 packages would be in the official repos and Unity will also run
on GNOME3.

Bilal Akhtar


>> Thanks!!
>> Deric Stowell
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>> On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 7:42 PM, John Moser <john.r.moser at
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>>     On 04/29/11 22:33, Martin Owens wrote:
>>         On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 21:11 -0400, John Moser wrote:
>>             The Gnome developers are also upset at Canonical.  No idea
>>             why.
>>         It's because Canonical only ate their ice cream cone and
>>         wouldn't eat
>>         their ice cream. I remember when Gnome developers* built a
>>         rocket and
>>         visited the moon, brought back a whole ton of cheese.
>>         I tell you one thing that'll stop people using Unity... if it
>>         doesn't
>>         actually work. Hardware issues are a lot more pressing that design
>>         issues, especially now that the design is much more demanding
>>         on the
>>         hardware.
>>     Maybe, although there's a lot of press going on about this.
>>      People have been critical about Ubuntu doing things they didn't
>>     like before, though, and eventually they just eat it.
>>     Significantly this time, I've found several issues that make me
>>     worry that Ubuntu might get away with squashing Gnome-shell:
>>      - I've played with both back and forth now for a while, and
>>     Gnome-Shell is clearly better; people on-line are telling me the
>>     same thing.  Still, both are leaving me confused as to where a lot
>>     of settings went (mostly, the appearance-related theming stuff; is
>>     everything now going to be dark colors and blues like some cheap
>>     sci-fi flick?), and both have a learning curve.  Unity seems to
>>     have no distinction between running applications and applications
>>     you can run, which ... honestly just makes me want to find the
>>     smart phone company that the Ubuntu Developers are working for now
>>     and burn it down with them in it.  Abstracting away the concept of
>>     whether an application is already running or not is horrible.
>>      - Installing Gnome3 from the PPA really does completely hose the
>>     system; after that, Unity and Gnome-classic break, only
>>     Gnome-shell works, and Gnome-shell doesn't work with my ATi card
>>     (it skews the contents of windows diagonally, ad uselessness).
>>      Imagine that, I ignored the warnings and something bad happened.
>>     Like I said, Ubuntu is Microsofting gnome-shell.  They're using
>>     their market clout to squash a product that's better than theirs.
>>      I'm waiting to see Canonical try to absorb the GNOME team.
>>         Also I don't like that I can't write anything in python that
>>         looks like
>>         Unity, I have to write it all in C and talk directly to
>>         OpenGL, which is
>>         messy. If I tried to use Gnome3 then I'd end up having to write in
>>         javascript, which I hate for no apparent reason.
>>         Oh woe! Won't someone let me write cool stuff in python?
>>         Yours with hugs and kisses, Martin Owens
>>         * That ever fictitious collective aggregate.
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