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Thu Apr 8 05:50:22 UTC 2010

I'm sure, that's very true. That happened even with Jaunty-KArmic
transition. Some of the Keyboard hot-keys that worked finr for me, in the
Jaunty, does not work in KArmic. It seems that Ubuntu is not trying to carry
over the problems related to hardware compatibilities, it had solved in a
prior version, to the next version. Though this may comprise only a very
small percentage of the problems. But, this sure has a negative impact on
the popularity among new Ubuntu users, who find that something which worked
fine for them in the previous Ubuntu version is not working for them in the
new one. The usual thing they do, is just turn over to some other more
dependable linux flavors.
   Its high time that Ubuntu decides to carry over the problems they solved,
to the next Ubuntu version. Also when workarounds have been discovered for a
certain problem, why not include it in the next release(I'm saying this
because, I'm very sure that I/anyone can find the solution to most of the
problems, form the Ubuntu Wiki/Ubuntu Help/Ubuntu Forums.) If this is done,
then we can make Ubuntu a more or perhaps the most stable and dependable
Linux flavor ever.

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 6:26 PM, Patrick Everix <pinguinpat at linuxleren.be>wrote:

> It's the same old story happening again: once again Ubuntu seem to exist
> for programmers instead of users:
> - In Gods name, why does the user has to explore the whole system before
> he/she can start to work?
> - What finally started to work in Koala disappears in Lynxs, whats new in
> Lynxs  probably won't work for an other half year.
> - I understand that Cannonical isn't about charity, but this is something
> to the shareholders: please don't try to sell a BMW car with a Skoda
> interior!! It just doesn't give trust. (c)Microsoft
> - For the mega packages: When I install a minimal Lynxs, I want a light
> system, makes sense no? So why do I get Synaptic when I just want to install
> Firefox? PLEASE work on the dependencies!
> I really don't understand whats going on with Ubuntu! I hope that the mono,
> patent sicknes, 'f*ck the user mentality (Microsoft-way) wont stay with
> Canonical.
> Let there be hope!?
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