History repeating

Patrick Everix pinguinpat at linuxleren.be
Sun Apr 4 12:56:29 UTC 2010

It's the same old story happening again: once again Ubuntu seem to exist for
programmers instead of users:
- In Gods name, why does the user has to explore the whole system before
he/she can start to work?
- What finally started to work in Koala disappears in Lynxs, whats new in
Lynxs  probably won't work for an other half year.
- I understand that Cannonical isn't about charity, but this is something to
the shareholders: please don't try to sell a BMW car with a Skoda interior!!
It just doesn't give trust. (c)Microsoft
- For the mega packages: When I install a minimal Lynxs, I want a light
system, makes sense no? So why do I get Synaptic when I just want to install
Firefox? PLEASE work on the dependencies!

I really don't understand whats going on with Ubuntu! I hope that the mono,
patent sicknes, 'f*ck the user mentality (Microsoft-way) wont stay with

Let there be hope!?
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