Best practice for reporting bugs

Stewart Johnston scj at
Fri Mar 27 00:09:11 UTC 2009

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I've noticed that, even among Ubuntu devleopers, not everyone is applying
> our best practices for reporting bugs.  In particular, reporting bugs
> directly to Launchpad is usually *NOT* the best approach.  This should only
> be done if there is no better option.
> In almost all cases, it is preferable to report the bug using Apport.  This
> can be done in one of the following ways:
> 1. If the bug is a crash, apport should automatically generate a report and
> guide you in filing it.  Copies of the crash reports are stored in
> /var/crash in case you need to refer to them directly.
> 2. The "Help" menu in many applications includes an entry "Report a
> problem..." which will invoke Apport manually.
> 3. On the command line, you can run "ubuntu-bug <package>" (or "ubuntu-bug
> <PID>") to invoke Apport manually.  Kernel bugs should be reported with
> "ubuntu-bug linux".
> Using this method will automatically attach the relevant version
> information, log files, etc. where available.  This saves you time in filing
> the bug, and saves others time in analyzing it.  For example, filing a bug
> on the kernel will automatically include dmesg, lspci and so on.
> We're about to get flooded with bug reports from the beta, so please
> start using this method immediately, and encourage everyone else who reports
> bugs to do the same.
> More instructions for filing bugs can be found in the community
> documentation at
> Note that if someone files a bug without using apport, you can still take
> advantage of it to add the information later (assuming it's still relevant),
> by using apport-collect(1).  See
> for details.
> If you'd like to enhance your packages to take better advantage of apport by
> attaching relevant data, please ask for help.  It's very simple once you
> know how to do it.  The basics can be found at
Slightly to one side, when Apport starts and walks me through the 
process of filing a bug, the first thing I do is nip off and search 
Launchpad for the same bug, then if I find one I cancel apport.

Is this what I should be doing, or is it preferable to let apport finish 
and then mark the new bug as a duplicate?

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