Introducing apport-collect: attach apport hook information to existing bugs

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Feb 19 13:03:26 GMT 2009

Hello Ubuntu developers and bug triagers,

Apport has supported hooks to collect package specific information for
crash reports and bug reports submitted through Apport [1] for a long

A long standing request [2] was to provide a tool which provides the
same functionality for already existing bugs. I. e. if a submitter
reported a bug against xorg directly through the Launchpad UI, you can
now ask him to run

  apport-collect 12345

(with 12345 being the bug number, obviously). This will check all
source packages in the bug tasks, run all their apport hooks, and
upload the collected information back to the bug report.

It uses launchpadlib for authentication.

The tool has a manpage, and I also added it to [3].

Enjoy, and please let me know about any problems by filing bugs
against apport.

Thank you,


[1] with ubuntu-bug or Help -> Report a Bug for GNOME applications
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