Best practice for reporting bugs

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Mar 26 17:44:59 UTC 2009

Brian Murray wrote:

> You might be interested to know that reportbug has been modified in
> Jaunty[1] and that the package override is being changed to not point
> people to ubuntu-users[2].
> [1]
> [2]

Not me.  I stopped being interested in these bugs years ago, when it was
clear that nobody was actually interested in fixing them.  Bug #7839 was
closed two years ago because devs (yes, Matt, you) considered it good
enough to just move reportbug out of main - never mind that it's been
broken as long as there's been an Ubuntu.  I subscribed to #7839 3 1/2
years ago, and it was already a year old.  So that's coming up to five
years so far, and I'll believe it's fixed when I see it.  Personally, I
believe there's a better chance of seeing a fix to bug #1.


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