Drag Window from anywhere in Metacity?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 17:40:37 UTC 2008

> Brushed metal windows were Carbon, I think.  I'm also pretty sure what
> you're saying of Cocoa is not true though.  Just got a Mac user nearby
> to demonstrate it, actually.   You have to click in the titlebar to
> move the window.  Not having Alt-Click-and-move-from-anywhere is one
> of my big complaints about Apple's window manager.

What I'm talking about with Matchbox is very different from that. It
basically lets me drag a window from any area where it is not using
mouse input. That's with a normal click, not an Alt+Click.
Thus, I am not reliant on the title bar to move the window and the
system gets a much more consistent and physical feel. The user no longer
has to arbitrarily aim at a small title bar.
A similar concept to kinetic scrolling, really. It is simple, but makes
the are the user must click more logical and ergonomic.

With MacOS and Windows Vista, they have this sort of behaviour in some
windows, but not in all. For example, one can drag Windows Media Player
by the toolbar, but can not do so with Photo Gallery (even though it
uses the same UI style). MacOS is of course way more consistent, but
even it sometimes has a point in the UI where a window arbitrarily stops
being draggable. With this behaviour being handled by the same thing
that does title bar dragging, we can have it completely consistent.

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