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I don't know much about the technical details of Mono, but I can say this:
a) I don't care about "potential, maybe, vaguely insinuated" patent threats
- unless MS actually starts giving evidence, even discussing this is falling
prey to the FUD, just like they want us to.
b) F-Spot and Tomboy are great apps, and definitely helpful for a large
number of users.  Ignoring the issues of whether Mono is the "best" use of
space, treated for their own merits they are worthy of default inclusion.
c) Given our usual policy of shipping one application per task, dropping
gThumb and Sticky Notes from the default installation probably makes sense,
and perhaps this will help with some part of the space concerns.

Additionally, Scribus and Inkscape are also pretty cool, but adding a Qt
dependency to a Gnome install makes no sense.  Now, if Kubuntu wants to look
at these that might be a decent idea, and could provide a unique attraction
to the Kubuntu member of the Ubuntu family.

Finally, I would very much like to see two things included by default, and
hope that space can be found on the CD for them:
1.) Seahorse - security is important, and the easier we make it, the more
people will actually bother to do it
2.) Conduit - this seems like the way for things to go overall; the more
integration and synchronization the desktop can get with _everything_, the

(I should also note at this point that if we're going to keep shipping
Rhythmbox by default, someone should really see to it that it gets two-way
transfer support for iPods included before the next release - a feature
included in Exaile and Banshee already, and which I've heard rumored is
available in CVS already.)

Tony Yarusso

Tony Yarusso
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