Ubuntu Developer News Issue 1

James Westby james.westby at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 23 18:30:26 GMT 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Ubuntu Developer News (a.k.a the 
Keybuk-repeater). For past items or to submit your own please see
More submissions for the developer news would be very much appreciated.

In this issue we have

  * Jaunty Developer Week logs available
  * Colin Watson elected to the Technical Board
  * Package bug reporting guidelines in launchpad
  * Testing Days
  * New D-Bus Uploaded
  * Launchpadlib support in ubuntu-dev-tools
  * The removal of /dev/.static/dev
  * udevadm, and why you should stop what you're doing
  * Developer changes

Jaunty Developer Week logs available

  The Developer Week for Jaunty is almost over, and there have been many great
  sessions. Logs of all sessions have been kept and they are appearing on the
  wiki as they are processed. They can provide a useful resource on the topics


Colin Watson elected to the Technical Board

  Colin Watson became the newest member of the Technical Board. Developers
  voted in a poll with a choice between him and Kees Cook.


Package bug reporting guidelines in launchpad

  Brian Murray recently reported that Launchpad now supports package bug reporting
  guidelines, which can help users to file better bug reports by giving them specific
  instructions for a particular package. He outlined the method by which they will
  be updated.


Testing Days

  Ara Pulido explained that the QA team are planning to do Testing Days for new features
  in Juanty, so that the new code is tested before it is announced as a new feature
  at release.


New D-Bus Uploaded

  Scott James Remnant announced changes to dbus in order to to fix a security
  problem. This change may impact any package that ships a dbus service, and
  may cause them to stop working if their service configuration is incorrect,
  though an attempt was made to audit services to avoid this.


Launchpadlib support in ubuntu-dev-tools

  Markus Korn and Jonathan Davies worked on integrating launchpadlib in to
  ubuntu-dev-tools to provide more robust access to Launchpad. It uses
  different credentials to the current ubuntu-dev-tools, so you will be
  required to generate new credentials. A new tools was also included to
  make managing these credentials easier. Work is ongoing to transition all
  of ubuntu-dev-tools to use launchpadlib.


The removal of /dev/.static/dev

  Scott James Remnant explained where /dev/.static/dev went, and what the
  replacement is. If you relied on access to the static /dev then you should
  read his post for how to make udev do what you need instead.


udevadm, and why you should stop what you're doing

  Scott James Remnant (yes, him again) explained some of the misuses of
  udevadm, and how to achieve the desired effect without abusing udev.
  If you know of a package that calls udevadm in its maintainer scripts
  then you should update it according to the instructions in Scott's post.


Developer Changes

  * Dustin Kirkland (kirkland) became a core-dev after his impressive work, mainly in
    the server team.
  * Stéphane Graber (stgraber) gained upload rights for the LTSP packages in main after
    being the de-facto maintainer for a long time and recently becoming a
  * Thierry Carrez (Koon) became a MOTU after a few months working in the server and
    Java teams.
  * Iulian Udrea (iulian) after sustained and varied contributions to the MOTU team.

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