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Hello everybody,

we've closed the window of discussion on the MC's proposal for new
application processes. Thanks a lot for your input and questions.

Here's how future applications for
 - Ubuntu Contributing Developers
 - Ubuntu Developers (MOTU)
 - Ubuntu Core Developers (core-dev)
will work out:

1) Set up a personal wiki page for your application. Please make use of
(Talk to your sponsors beforehand and ask them to add some information
to the wiki page. In a regular application your will have 3-5 sponsors.)

2) Add your application details to MOTU/Council/Meeting, give the
motu-council list a quick heads-up and pick a meeting time you'll be
able to attend. Please allow at least one week of time for the MOTU
Council members to review your application. (If you can't make it to one
of the meetings, please email motu-council at for either a
different meeting time or to process the application on the mailing list.)

3) Attend the meeting.

As a fellow developer you can ask questions, add your feedback (even if
unsolicited) to the wiki page in question or ask questions on the
motu-council list.

The MOTU Council will have prepared for the meeting (reviewed the
application details, checked a few examples of your work, talked to
sponsors, etc.) and ask questions to make sure the applicant qualifies
for the team. During the meeting the MC members will cast their votes
and if quorum is reached (3 of 5 currently), will add the applicant to
the team (in case of Contributing Developer and MOTU, else speak out a
recommendation for the Technical Board) or ask to re-apply in due time.

We just updated with the new
process, added MOTU Council meeting pages and the new template for
applications. If there's still anything that deserves clarification,
please let me know. Also the MC will make sure to have the current
applications sorted out until the first meeting.

Have a great day,

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