Launchpadlib support in Ubuntu Developer Tools

Jonathan Davies jpds at
Wed Jan 14 13:39:07 GMT 2009

Hey folks,

thekorn and I have been working on getting python-launchpadlib support
to the Ubuntu Developer Tools package.

So far, we've added support for the bug reporting; for example, sync
requests with the --lp flag will use the launchpadlib API to file the
bugs. But I hope to port more things across, as things get added to
the API.

All one needs is a LP token authenticated and have it written to
~/.lp_credentials.txt . I've written how one can go about doing this,
in the examples section of the manage-credentials manpage.

The support is available in the latest Jaunty packages (0.52), however
these should be installable on Intrepid.

Please report all bugs you find to the usual place at:


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