An Ubuntu Firewall

Ravi Kumar ra21vi at
Sun Mar 11 10:13:01 GMT 2007

All is good, but nothing stands better. Don't shout at me :)
Well, let me explain....
Ubuntu is mainly for desktop, though it has its server built. But i think,
developers all around the world and disto packagers should halt for a
moment, and then plan some way out to develop system thats desktop oriented.
HOw? just as you said, Firewall, you think there should be better, and when
it will come, we would demand something more better, and has more
functionality, and better integrate into system.
I have pointed out many other things too, like making nautilus more
responsive, optimized, and should have plugins like showing bigger preview
in tooltip(optional feature) with most demanding details of the file.
Gnome too has lot imperfections. Bigger default font, and no better compact
clean and sharp theme has impressed me as does apple mac. If the widgets are
sharp, well compact, it can show mroe and more options in the available
screen. so we should get back to the basics, and make plan route towards the

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