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Patrice Vetsel ubuntu at
Sun Mar 11 11:53:46 GMT 2007

A project have been started but no more news now :

Le dimanche 11 mars 2007 à 15:43 +0530, Ravi Kumar a écrit :
> All is good, but nothing stands better. Don't shout at me :)
> Well, let me explain....
> Ubuntu is mainly for desktop, though it has its server built. But i
> think, developers all around the world and disto packagers should halt
> for a moment, and then plan some way out to develop system thats
> desktop oriented. 
> HOw? just as you said, Firewall, you think there should be better, and
> when it will come, we would demand something more better, and has more
> functionality, and better integrate into system.
> I have pointed out many other things too, like making nautilus more
> responsive, optimized, and should have plugins like showing bigger
> preview in tooltip(optional feature) with most demanding details of
> the file. 
> Gnome too has lot imperfections. Bigger default font, and no better
> compact clean and sharp theme has impressed me as does apple mac. If
> the widgets are sharp, well compact, it can show mroe and more options
> in the available screen. so we should get back to the basics, and make
> plan route towards the desktop, 
> -- 
> -=Ravi=-
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