An Ubuntu Firewall

JoE anivair at
Sun Mar 11 08:06:14 GMT 2007

I think you're right that a better firewall system is needed.

I don't think that ubuntu needs it's own magical one, though.  Bear in mind
that while we all like ubuntu, this is still linux.  why not make one that
can be used by as many people as possible?

On 3/11/07, Randy Wallace <randywallacejr at> wrote:
> Ubuntu needs an Ubuntu-Specific Firewall, similar to the OS X
> implementation.
> Firestarter does a good job, but I think it can be done better.
> Notably:
> Networking, Routing, Services, and Firewalling should be configured
> from ONE tool.
> There should be support for more than two interfaces.
> There should be support for multicast, incl. mDNS, etc...
> It should be easy, but include the features that a power user requires.
> There should be a simple debug-type tool to recognize when services are
> blocked.
> It should be secure.
> I think this would be a great addition to Ubuntu.
> I'm looking for an opinion from the community, particularly involving
> whether or not I should
> attempt to start this project.  It would be a lot of work, and I don't
> want to do it in vain.
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