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Will Simpson at
Tue Jan 16 17:54:05 GMT 2007

I had a look at the spec. and love it. Anything to bring the help system
closer to the point of need is better. I like the mockup of the 'Ubuntu Help
Centre'. The logic of having the Help, Preferences and Administration all as
separate panel helps with look and feel and leverages screen real estate to
best advantage. Picky, but I prefer the MAC style of "Help" then a panel
rather than the Vista style of "Help & Support" then confusing array of

The ubuntu panel, which is currently 'Applications', 'Places' and 'System'
would look funny if we added 'Help & Support'. From a usability standpoint,
this last item would have the most prominence in the panel because it would
be the biggest. Just 'Help' would be better. Current there is no way for a
user to edit the titles of these menus. Moving the '& Support' to the inside
panel will provide the opportunity to clarify what the various support
options are without cluttering the menu bar.

Will Simpson
Moscow, Idaho
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