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Matthew East mdke at
Fri Jan 19 14:08:36 GMT 2007

Hi there,

On Fri, January 19, 2007 1:29 pm, Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> Am Montag, den 15.01.2007, 23:38 +0000 schrieb Matthew East:
>> MPT and I have created the following spec:
>> Feedback very welcome!
> I would also appreciate this approach! Nice that you at first point the
> user to the locally installed help and then if no solution could be
> found to the Internet based resources. Currently most users that ask
> questions in the forum or the mailing list haven't even searched the
> documentation.

Thanks for this feedback, we feel the same way!

> The GNOME documentation also includes a chapter about desktop basics
> (e.g. using windows). Would be nice to something for novice users too.

We're incorporating this part if the GNOME documentation (and some other
parts) into our topic based system.

> There is already the icon on the panel. I think that it removes the need
> for a help top menu item.

You're right - this isn't part of the spec, Matthew has amended the text
to clarify this.

I've now asked mdz to approve this spec so that we can move to

gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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