[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

bvc bvcmdk at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 23:01:36 BST 2006

Daniel Borgmann <daniel.borgmann at gmail.com> wrote: On 4/2/06, bvc  wrote:
> I can understand different elements and it's nice to bring these out, but
> the current progressbar is...I don't know what it is (2 lines with a
> mid-to-top gradient?). It most definately needs to be smoothed out and in
> doing so will automatically look more like the titlebar, so, just make it
> like the titlebar. I can't recall anyone saying they like it, All comments
> about it have been negative, so obviously something is wrong and it doesn't
> make sense to keep it as it is.

That is simply not true, pretty much everyone I personally spoke to
liked the progressbar. I don't give too much on a bunch of negative
comments, it would be more interesting if you actually asked a bunch
of neutral people and most of them would respond negatively. The
people who like something specifically (or don't mind it) usually
don't speak up by themselves.

The progressbar is meant to look like a shiny, glassy, rounded kind of
tube, while the titlebar is meant to look like a much flatter, solid
kind of bar. If it's bad then it's bad because it's bad, not because
it's different.

Same goes for colors, some variety is not evil but can make a theme
more interesting to look at, especially in the long run. Curiously you
don't see this obsession with uniformity from the closed source
desktops. While you might personally not like the variety of colors in
Microsoft's offering or the multiple styles used by OSX, it apparently
works quite well for them.


The progressbar does not look like a shiny, glassy, rounded kind of
tube, that the point!
That does (more), but you don't want to tone it down? It currently just flat out doesn't look like anything. Why not compromise?

The titlebar mockup looks pretty lame now that I see it in a mockup. There's not a lot one can do with that orange and have it look good, but we knew that. 

Sorry, but 96% of all themes/desktops ever created are uniform. Your incorrect comments on other platforms do not astound me as we've been down this road a few times. Try and steer clear of selective reasoning and focus on the artwork. We're not finger painting here.


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