[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

Eric Feliksik milouny at gmx.net
Mon Apr 3 12:04:24 BST 2006

Étienne Bersac wrote:
> I completely agree with Petr, Billy, Andreas, my two brothers, friends 
> (ploum for one of known people on the web) on Jabber with which i talked 
> about that, etc. and you (daniel) say it's my personnal point of view ? 
> And you advice us to let some people introduce their subjective opinion 
> as objective quality of dapper artwork ?
> (...)
> I already said that i like title bar. I like the caramel colour. I like 
> each wallpaper since Warty. I like gdm theme. I love usplash theme. I 
> largely prefer the current titlebar.
> (...)
> We do not say : "Remove that artwork and go blue !" !!!! We send you 
> advice to polish your work. We just want a real polish artwork for an 
> actually *dapper* drake. Trust us ! We actually wish wonderful artwork 
> for dapper. 
> (...) but the orange is too sharp. That's 
> even painful for some eyes (mine and father too).

I completely agree, too. Just making the orange less sharp (that is, 
mainly, progressbars and icons. Try saving a search with nautilus (or 
rename a random file to "blah.savedSearch". That is a non-disturbing color.
(apart from the fact that the hard tones are disturbing, and that it's 
inappropriate for a progress bar as it is a subtle way to inform users: 
Indeed, it's inconsistent, too.)

Thanks for you interest.

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