[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Sun Apr 2 23:20:50 BST 2006


> http://kwh.kernow-gb.com/~bvc/dapper-xubu/progressbar3.png
> That does (more), but you don't want to tone it down? It currently  
> just flat out doesn't look like anything. Why not compromise?

Thank you for this screenshot, this is exactly what we need in order  
to polish the dapper artwork in details.

The rightmost window is far better than the left one. Is the progress  
bar using exactly the same color as titlebar ? I feel like it  
doesn't. Using exactly the same color as titlebar both for progress  
bar, Check, Radio, slider, buttons, scrollbars and other i may forgot  
would be great.

I like scrollbars. I'm thinking about using more caramel for  
scrollbars. A bit like OS X does. Just for a try.

Animated progressbar are also very popular (like the OSX one).

> Sorry, but 96% of all themes/desktops ever created are uniform.  
> Your incorrect comments on other platforms do not astound me as  
> we've been down this road a few times. Try and steer clear of  
> selective reasoning and focus on the artwork.

100% agree :)

> We're not finger painting here.

Well said ;)


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