Lu 12.04 "Network Manager is not working"?? YT is not working either . . . .

Israel israeldahl at
Fri Jun 6 19:18:29 UTC 2014

Hi Fritz,
There are also Ladies on this list, not just us Gents.

The No Sound issue, might be related to the migration from snd-powermac
to snd-aoa
I am not sure why it would be happening in 12.04, though the newer
kernels may have introduced this behavior.

It might also be why your wireless isn't working.

Does your PPC have an 'airport' or is it b43?
If it is airport, then it is most likely because of the hw-detect bug
that has plagued PPC this release.

If you really want to test some things out I wrote an e-mail a while
back about my testing on an iBook.
However, there are some models that simply do not work without having to
do some more extensive hacking around.

Also, for the airport module you would need to try
sudo modprobe airport
and add airport into your /etc/modules
and make sure it isn't blacklisted (like the sound modules).

If your computer uses b43 you will (most likely) need to install
b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer
If you have another b43 driver installed it can cause an issue with this

For Firefox, you might back up your config folder and then delete the
current one
(which is) ~/.mozilla
Unfortunately I have not found another browser that works on PPC.  (I
wish qupzilla did, it is FAST)

On 06/06/2014 01:11 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Gents:
> Since the discussion has turned to the nm-applet issue, I've found
> some issues with my iMac G4 version of Xu/Lu 12.04 that seemed to have
> "happened" w/o my participation . . . .  I started to notice these
> items in the comparison to the 14.04 PPC testing that I tried on my
> iMac and iBook . . . which I found the "window dragging" to be
> sluggish and scrolling also in 14.04 . . . but then going back to the
> installed 12.04 system also showed issues with dragging windows . . .
> but a little bit less . . . .
> However, the one item that is strange is that the Network Manger
> applet suddenly started showing an "x" next to it instead of some kind
> of "connection" . . . I have a wifi card installed and I was formerly
> able to connect by wifi with it, but then, perhaps after some "apt-get
> upgrade" . . . this problem of clicking on the applet and seeing a
> "Network Manager is not working" error started happening.  Ethernet
> works fine, so it's not a show stopper, it's just the point that I
> didn't "adjust" any settings in NM . . . I mostly am a GUI user, and
> then sometimes I use the Terminal to run apt upgrades, and I usually
> do all the listed items . . . that apt chooses.  And something in that
> process seems to have "broken" NM????
> Concurrent with this is a change in FF . . . I used to, perhaps in
> Feb, be able to watch You Tube videos in FF . . . no Add-ons, I
> remember posting a thread on the TFFox blog telling the guy that
> compared to linux browser TFF was "slow" and I couldn't watch videos
> with it, but in 12.04 "I could watch videos in the browser" . . . and
> he wrote back and said, "Well, then you should use linux" . . . .  But
> recently videos are no longer working in 12.04 . . . so what
> happened?  All FF plug ins have been removed?  I tried to add some "YT
> anti-blocker" add-on, but that did nothing . . . didn't seem to be any
> obvious choices showing for add-ons to watch videos . . . .
> Ah, the other thing that is more concerning is that "sound" went away,
> it was there and working, as I mentioned I could watch videos, and I
> remember opening "alsamixer" in the iMac . . . but now it is
> "gone"???  Nothing shows up or it says, "File not found"??? when I
> type "alsamixer" in the Terminal.  I never "removed" alsamixer in
> synaptic, or anything on purpose . . . I **may** have run "autoremove"
> at some point when apt gave that as a suggestion to remove older
> kernels that were left after several upgrades . . . .  Question is,
> what happened to "alsamixer" and sound, it was there, but now
> apparently gone???  Why would that happen?  System figured out I
> wasn't using sound or watching that many videos, or using wifi that
> much, so it removed them . . . for my own safety???  This is the Lu
> 12.04 DE that this is happening . . . .
> Any thoughts or insights appreciated,
> F/e.e.p.


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