PowerPC SOUND WORKS!!! iBook!!

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Thu May 8 01:36:09 UTC 2014

Ok... I finally tracked down and got the answer!!!

So... the hw-detect bug, thinks the iBook is way older, so it uses the
the kernel module named
So, there is no sound....

Here is how you fix it.
_*temporary fix to test it is working*_
1. open a terminal and paste this code in:

sudo rmmod snd-powermac; sudo modprobe snd-aoa; sudo modprobe
snd-aoa-fabric-layout; sudo modprobe snd-aoa-soundbus; sudo modprobe
snd-aoa-i2sbus; sudo modprobe snd-aoa-codec-tas;

What this series of commands does is put in a series of kernel
modules... these are the drivers for your sound card.  The iBook needs
to use the snd-aoa drivers, while older ones need snd-powermac...

2. open alsamixer... if alsamixer opens... your sound will soon work...
So, type in

You will see the mixer interface now.  go through and press 'm' on the
Headphone Jacks that are muted (the first two)  For some reason, the
third one wont unmute... but it doesn't matter.
Then go to the last column called PCM and press up for a while until you
have a higher volume (like in the 50-70 range... with 70 being almost
too loud at full volume)

now play something!  Does it work?  Yes?!?!  Great... lets make this
permanent shall we?

_*Permanent Fix*_

1.  With your terminal still open from testing... now we will add in
those kernel modules we just tested...

sudo pico /etc/modules

and add those modules you tested successfully earlier at the end of the file


and of course if you see
delete it, or comment it out like this:

2. and now, we need to get rid of the blacklist of our nice snd-aoa stuff...
so simply
sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.local.conf
Which will remove the blacklist that the 'Debian Installer' made which
incorrectly blacklisted the modules we need

3. Jam out and do a happy dance!


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