Lu 12.04 "Network Manager is not working"?? YT is not working either . . . .

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Fri Jun 6 20:02:31 UTC 2014


Thanks for the reply, I'll check that link in a bit . . . sorry to the
ladies, I've just mostly seen replies from the Gents, hence my "Gents" . .
. .

But, right, that is the question, why would this be happening in 12?  There
was sound and then there was none??

And, on the wifi, I believe I originally had to use "b-43-legacy" to get
wifi working, but, again, question is why was it working and then not?
There have been "issues" getting wifi set up, even in my MBPro in Linux
Mint flavors, but with the ubuntu "add'l drivers" app that has mostly been
easy.  I think in MintPPC there were a number of issues with the ethernet
going away and needing to be re set up . . . but, if I have some variation
of "b-43" . . . would I still "modprobe airport"???  Or would I be
"modprobe b-43-legacy" or something like that?

I've done a fair number of fresh installs of various systems, but in terms
of troubleshooting and fixing stuff . . . that I don't know how to do . . .
i.e., I'm not so sure what "modprobing" does . . . .  Which is another way
of saying, "extensive hacking around" is probably something I don't have
time for . . . I spent a lot of time getting the video driver to even show
something, and doing the "retro install" of the nv driver . . . .  The
watching video thing isn't a major issue for me, but the sound thing . . .
a little bit more problematic.  I'l look at the link and see if it relates,



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> Subject: Re: Lu 12.04 "Network Manager is not working"?? YT is not
>         working either . . . .
> Hi Fritz,
> There are also Ladies on this list, not just us Gents.
> The No Sound issue, might be related to the migration from snd-powermac
> to snd-aoa
> I am not sure why it would be happening in 12.04, though the newer
> kernels may have introduced this behavior.
> It might also be why your wireless isn't working.
> Does your PPC have an 'airport' or is it b43?
> If it is airport, then it is most likely because of the hw-detect bug
> that has plagued PPC this release.
> If you really want to test some things out I wrote an e-mail a while
> back about my testing on an iBook.
> However, there are some models that simply do not work without having to
> do some more extensive hacking around.
> Also, for the airport module you would need to try
> sudo modprobe airport
> and add airport into your /etc/modules
> and make sure it isn't blacklisted (like the sound modules).
> If your computer uses b43 you will (most likely) need to install
> b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer
> If you have another b43 driver installed it can cause an issue with this
> one.
> For Firefox, you might back up your config folder and then delete the
> current one
> (which is) ~/.mozilla
> Unfortunately I have not found another browser that works on PPC.  (I
> wish qupzilla did, it is FAST)
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