Calling all LoCo Teams! The UWN needs YOU!

Melissa Draper melissa at
Wed Nov 22 08:03:38 GMT 2006


<marketing team hat>

Many of you may be aware that the Ubuntu Marketing Team publishes a
weekly newsletter. This newsletter is arguably currently one of the best
distribution newsletters available. We are reguarly linked from sites
such as and, amongst others.

In our pursuit for newsletter excellence, we are always on the lookout
for new material. One area we are sorely missing stories from is all the
marvellous LoCo Teams. We would absolutely love it if you guys could
pass Ubuntu-related stories from your countries, "upstream" to us.

So, how can you tell us all the juicy gossip from your corner of the
world? Simple. Compose an email to ubuntu-marketing at
with an summary of the article, as much relevant linkage as you can find
and if the articles are not in english, full english translations would
be much appreciated.

Additionally, we strongly encourage interested people to undertake the
task of localising the UWN into their native language.
has instructions. This could be a perfect job for newbie translators,
for example.

How good can the UWN get? With your help, the possibilities are endless!

</marketing team hat>

Melissa Draper

Phone: 0404 595 395

P.O Box 1412
Lavington, NSW 2641

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