mailing list creation request

Mark Van den Borre mvdborre at
Sun Nov 19 20:32:52 GMT 2006

Hi list, hi Ubuntu mailman admin,

For the approved Belgian locoteam, we would like to have two low
volume mailing lists, complimentary to the main and very active
ubuntu-be mailing list:
* ubuntu-be-announce-nl, admin: mvdborre op
* ubuntu-be-announce-fr, admin: decirc op

These would be used for newsletters and press releases about Ubuntu in
Belgium in dutch and french respectively. This way, we get:
* an easy to administer newsletter & pr channel
* an archive we don't have to maintain
* (through gmane and an associated rss feed) a cms agnostic channel
for adding dynamic announcements to our otherwise rather static site


Mark Van den Borre
Mark Van den Borre
Noormannenstraat 113
3000 Leuven, België
+32 486 961726

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